• Megan Oliveri

72: Writing A Bomb-Ass Instagram Bio

Whether we like it or not, social media is not going anywhere. Having an eye-catching, consistent, engaging Instagram page can be a make or break it situation when it comes to getting new clients' eyes! Let's explore how to write a bomb-ass Instagram bio together!


Breakdown of the bio:

  1. Header

  2. Instagram Category

  3. 150 Characters of a Bio

  4. Website link

1. Header

  • Typically your name or what you specialize in.

  • Needs to be short because this is what’s visible when you are direct messaging someone.

2. Instagram Category

  • Important because it helps determine if you have the ability to use all audio on Instagram

  • I was originally in another category and Kate helped me change it to entrepreneur to open up all audio files

  • Entrepreneur or a creator account unlocks more music

3. Bio

  • PERSONALITY is key.

  • Short and sweet, take some time to write it out in different ways to see what flows the best

  • Location or areas you serve (if you have a storefront the address will show and doesn’t need to be added to bio.)

  • The business tagline is something to grab people in to want to look more.

  • Calls to the exact client you’re looking for and the problem you solve for them.

4. Website Link

  • Do NOT use third-party platforms for your most important links.

  • You can create a linktree like page on your own website to drive more traffic

  • Better for SEO

  • What if these third-party platforms go down and you lose clients from this?


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