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71: Outsourcing

Outsourcing can be a game-changer for small businesses to grow, free up more of their time or be able to step away from the business to live the life that you've dreamed of.


What Is Outsourcing?

Essentially outsourcing is hiring another professional to take on tasks in your business. This can be a by the hour, by task, or even a part-time/full-time position. Some ideas for positions to outsource are virtual assistants, website designers, social media managers, editors, copywriters, accountants

When To Consider Outsourcing

The first thing to know is that It will look different for every company. In an area where you may have a certain skillset, another company may need to outsource this. Remember, don't outsource something just because you don't want to do it anymore; some things may be core to your business! You may need to outsource if:

  • You are struggling to maintain and keep up with your current workload.

  • You find yourself avoiding work that you don’t enjoy.

  • You're spending too much time trying to learn a new skill.

Fears That May Come Up...

Outsourcing can tend to bring up a good bit of fear in your business.

Probably the biggest fear will be money. Spending money on something that you may feel like you can do yourself can feel like a waste. It will always cost you money to outsource something, but in the long run, it will make you more money by you being able to spend your time on what’s more important.

Second up, will be your time investment - it can be a big-time investment upfront and will take some time to train someone. This can cause business owners to avoid outsourcing due to feeling like they don't just don't have the time to train someone. The reality is, it costs you more time in the long run.

And lastly, something we hear a lot, the whole idea of “I’m the only one that can do this.” In all truth, letting go of control is important. Not just for the fact that it will allow you to step away from the business if you need to; you just can't control anything, in life or in business!

Our Overall Tips For Outsourcing

  • Reach out to your network first and foremost. Then look on places like Indeed or Upwork initially to help find the help you need.

  • Go into hiring someone prepared to spend a couple of months troubleshooting and training, it will take time for them to learn. In the beginning and maybe even after that you may need to double-check their work to make sure that it is up to par with what you would produce.

  • When thinking of tasks that could be outsourced, think of things like repetitive tasks, tasks that could be performed better with someone more skilled in that area (say, accounting)

Books To Read:

4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

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